Anchored by the booming tech industry, the Texas Hill Country is gaining traction as one of the most successful economies in the nation.

Headlines continue to report that those in declining regions of the country are packing up and moving to the land of bluebonnets, dreams and opportunities. Once in Texas heaven, people now must decide where to unpack and build those dreams. Selecting a city in which to reside is just the beginning of the decisions involved in relocating. If you drill down, you are confronted with other questions, the most pressing, of course, where should you live and what best fits your lifestyle?

More factors which are clamoring for attention are related to the always-present monetary budget. Is it financially more advantageous to live in a condo or an apartment? A top priority for many is education, so the proximity and ratings of schools are important issues. Is there easy access to roads and highways for an easy commute, medical facilities, shopping complexes, dining establishments and houses of worship?

While questions bombard you, you may temporarily lose sight of the sheer splendor of the Texas Hill Country. With the backdrop of rolling hills, expansive horizons, and majestic trees you at least know you are in the right place geographically. Hundreds of communities are sprinkled across the region now, when 150 years ago, it was used for cattle and organic farms. While the lifestyles of residents have changed since then, so much of the natural beauty remains.

Here in Williamson County, you can enjoy a unique experience in apartment home living. Some are not simply apartments, but a lifestyle. Many who relocate here are anxious to buy a home and they view the purchase of a condo or signing an apartment home lease as temporary.

Still others don’t want the hassles that accompany a mortgage, including lawn and property maintenance, property taxes and association dues. This group is content to reside indefinitely in either an apartment home or a condo.

Contracts are involved in each scenario, but terms and length may vary. Once time has passed and condo owners wish to sell, they face the same hurdles as do homeowners; a REALTOR® normally is involved in the transaction, which means a commission will be paid.

While selling a condo may require additional steps, such as a REALTOR®, apartment living also has its own challenges. Apartment home tenants must give the landlord advanced notice of impending departure. When a contract is broken, there could be substantial penalties incurred.