Hundreds of communities are sprinkled across the region now, when 150 years ago, it was used for cattle and organic farms. While the lifestyles of residents have changed since then, so much of the natural beauty remains.

Round Rock

Round Rock is certainly a bustling area in the Williamson County region. With great a great economic climate and people continually relocating to the area there is plenty of great options when it comes to apartment living. As of July 2019, the average apartment rent within the city of Round Rock averaged at about $1,203 per month. A one-bedroom apartment in Round Rock came in at roughly $1,159 per month.

Finding a great apartment in Round Rock can be a little tedious, only because there are so many options to select from. Apartments are becoming more compet- itive with luxury amenities to keep their tenants comfortable in their complexes. Additionally, the need to be “green” has upped the expectations of apartments.


The city of Georgetown is no stranger when it comes to fantastic options for those who love apartment living. Currently the average rent of an apartment in Georgetown is $1,187 per month. The median average for a studio apartment is $659, and a one-bedroom apartment comes in at about $957. The average size of an apartment found in the Georgetown area is about 844 square-feet. The apartments in the area are accommodating and it is easy to find units ranging any where from studio to 3-bedroom in size.

Cedar Park

Finding an affordable apartment home in Cedar Park will be easy for those moving to the area. Current average apartment rent in the area is an average of $1,237. One-bedroom apartments average at around $1,051 per month, and the average apartment size is 932 square-feet.


Currently in Leander, apartment rent is relatively affordable. Average rent of an apartment comes in at a median price of $1,265 per month. A one-bedroom apartment home is roughly $994. If more space is required, one can expect to pay around $1,450 for a two-bedroom apartment.


It is not hard to find a great apartment community in Hutto. The current average rent of an apartment within the city of Hutto is around $1,221 per month. A one-bedroom apartment comes in at a median price of $1,085 and a two-bedroom averages out at $1,238.